Microsoft retailHere’s a surefire way to build up a user base: Tech reporter Dave Zatz passed along an interesting note claiming Microsoft’s store in Tysons Corner, VA is swapping any old feature phone — Web access required — with a brand new Windows Phone. According to “a friend of a friend,” the offer doesn’t involve any sort of contract or activation, meaning you get a killer device with no strings attached. The report doesn’t specify which Windows Phone device consumers are getting, but apparently the offer has been so popular the store has run out. Interested parties who missed out on the offer at the Tysons Corner store were apparently recipients of a $10 gift card and a promise to be informed when the location stocks back up. For folks looking to upgrade to a smartphone, this is an incredible way to introduce yourself to the market. We’re not sure if other Microsoft stores are going to start implementing a similar offer, but if they do, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Did anyone by chance participate in the store’s offer in Tysons Corner?

[via Twitter]