April 24 marks the launch of Hasbro’s Transformers: The Last Knight product line, and to celebrate, it’s time to ‘reveal your shield.’

Hasbro is holding a week-long fan celebration to commemorate the launch of the toy line based on Michael Bay’s final Transformers film. Starting on Monday you will find new content based on the toy line and film on the various Transformers digital and social channels. Fans will be encouraged to ‘reveal your shield’ meaning it’s time to declare your allegiance to either the Autobots or the Decepticons.

Throughout the week you will be treated to a new video of the latest version of the Barricade action figure (remember, he’s the police car Decepticon that just mysteriously vanishes from the fight in the first film) as well as new games and activities in the Transformers: The Last Knight app. As with all promotions of this type, there are sure to be some surprises as well.

The toys are still awesome

We got an early look at the new toys when we visited Hasbro at Toy Fair 2017, and we have to say there is a pretty awesome lineup coming from this film. Even if the movies aren’t your cup of tea, we keep getting awesome toys out of them. I’ve always been partial to Hound back to his Generation 1 days, so I know which one I will be going for first.

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters on June 23.