Hasbro has another huge year of Star Wars products planned in 2018 in more ways than one.

Kicking things off is a huge selection of products for Solo: A Star Wars Story. From basic figures to the high-end Black Series there is a little bit of everything for everyone in the upcoming products. It seems that the new Range Trooper – which Hasbro hinted at those odd boots being for more than just looks – is going to be the army builder figure this year with it appearing in every line. Additionally, there will be no shortage of Mimbar Stormtroopers.

The new Millenium Falcon looks like a ton of fun with blow-off panels, flight modes, smuggler compartments and… a secret in the nose section.

The Star Wars Black Series is getting a ton of additions this year with items ranging all the way from the Clone Wars to The Last Jedi. There are some exciting additions to the line such as Tarkin, Rebel Fleet Troopers, a new three-pack of Astromechs, and even Vice Admiral Holdo.

The Vintage Series is back this April, and as someone who loves that line, I want them all. The Imperial Combat Assualt Tank with driver even has a cup holder molded into the dashboard. How can you say no to that?

The revitalized line will include figures from just about every era of the Star Wars saga and will even add the comic book favorite Doctor Aphra.

And look… there’s a Range Trooper.

The biggest surprise of the show was… literally the biggest surprise of the show. Hasbro announced a new project called HasLab that will see the company going the crowd funding route to see if there is enough interest in producing dream products. The first one up on the docket is a Vintage Series version of Jabba’s Sail Barge from Return of the Jedi.

Measuring in at a massive 4-feet in length, the Sail Barge needs to receive 5,000 orders by April 4, 2018 to be put into production.

The toy, while beyond impressive, also carries with it a massive price tag and will set you back $499.99 plus tax.

Last, but certainly not least, is the ultimately adorable Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie. With over 100 grunts and expressions, Chewie will keep children of all ages entertained for hours on end. Watching a demo that saw him being rocked to sleep sold me, and it’s sure to sell you as well.

One other new product was the announcement that the Black Series weapon replicas will expand beyond lightsabers this year with the expansion into the Z6 Riot Baton. (Yes, “TRAITOR!” was yelled during the initial presentation by Hasbro employees. You push the button and it changes configurations while lighting up. It’s a nifty addition to anyone’s weapon collection.

All in all looks like a pretty good year to be a Star Wars fan.

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