Hasbro has less than two weeks left to fund its first HasLab project, and to give you some motivation it has released some new images of the finished project.

Announced at Toy Fair 2018, Hasbro has launched a crowdfunding platform called HasLab. While it may seem a tad odd that a company the size of Hasbro would need to crowdfund a project, it actually makes a lot of sense. This idea was born out of a desire to do cost prohibitive projects that would be difficult to get on to retailer shelves. With Toys R' Us on the way out, it's going to prove to be even more difficult in the future.

To kick off the platform, Hasbro announced it was working on Jabba's Sail Barge – The Khetanna – from Return of the Jedi. This massive vehicle measures 49.35-inches long and 17.01-inches tall, and while impressive, what we've been missing is images of it with the final paint job. Now those pictures are here, along with the Vintage Collection version of  Yak Face, one of the hardest figures to find from the original Kenner line.

Hasbro also provided a timelapse video of the final model being assembled, and it's impressive.

With 13 days left at the time of this writing, the project sets at 2,971 out of the 5,000 needed. At a price of $500 it's clear this is going to have trouble hitting its goal, but boy is it an impressive looking piece.

Be sure to head over to the HasLab and take a look at all the other materials related to this unique piece.