Natsume is bringing its long-running "farm life" simulator series Harvest Moon to current generation platforms later this year. Fans can expect to see more on Harvest Moon: Light of Hope at E3 2017, where the company will be showing it off for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Yup, all three are already Stardew Valley's stomping grounds. Good luck with that one!

This latest game in the series takes place after the protagonist winds up in a strange harbor after his boat goes wayward. Naturally, he helps out at the local farm to help bring the community back to life, rebuld the lighthouse, and the whole romance and kids thing.

Natsume also says that it is looking at the original Super Nintendo game for inspiration this time around, again, just like Stardew Valley.

Such a fitting title at this point in the series' life

The Harvest Moon series need a serious "light of hope" at the moment, so the title of the newest game is awfully fitting. Between the kerfuffle it has with the Song of Seasons, the poor reception of the last game, and Stardew Valley stomping all over it as gaming's most popular "farm life" simulator, Natsume's longtime series needs a serious renovation if it wants to stay relevant.

This will be the first time Harvest Moon is playable on the PC. Expect more details at E3 2017.