After announcing intentions to leave The Simpsons, Harry Shearer has signed a deal to return to the animated comedy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shearer's deal "is the same as his fellow voice cast," which is to say he'll be on for two more years, with an option for another two (four in total). No other details were revealed, but the deal is estimated to be worth $300,000 per episode.

Shearer is an enormous part of the show, voicing Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Principal Skinner, Otto, Smithers and many others. The Simpsons has been on the air for 26 years, and with Shearer back, it looks like it'll make the 30 year mark after all. When Shearer said he was departing back in May, an executive for the show said his characters would be recast, though it appears that's no longer necessary.

The Simpsons Season 27 is scheduled for a September 27 premiere.