Remember the amazing Weasley clock in Harry Potter? Specifically, it was able to show the Weasley’s where each family member was — whether they were out, on their way home, wandering the forest or in mortal peril. A Reddit user recreated the clock and posted pictures of his project online.

The clock actually works as it did in Harry Potter. The original Reddit poster, Tbornottb3, said he or she was able to use the popular app IFTTT to set up specific scenarios that are always feeding back information to the clock. If he or she is out, the clock’s LED lights will update to reflect that based on geolocation information relayed back from a phone.

Tbornottb3 used laser cutouts to customize the clock for a family of 6, which each letter representing a member’s initials. You might be wondering about what the clock is set for if someone is in “mortal peril.” In this case, the clockmaker decided to have fun with the system.

“My sister has it triggered by a forecast of too-cold weather,” the Redditor explained. “I have it triggered by the radius of our rival school.”

Pretty amazing work. I’d pay good money for something like this. Here’s a quick look at the original: