Rock Band Survey

It looks like the music isn't really dead, friends. Or, at least, Harmonix is kicking around the  notion of a brand new Rock Band game.

The studio has a survey floating around. You can take it yourself by hitting the source link below, if you like. It asks all sorts of questions regarding your profile as a player, which Rock Band titles you "regularly played," which is your favorite, would you be inclined to preorder a new Rock Band, what's most important to you when playing?

There's a whole slew of things covered in the relatively brief survey. Based on the questions and all the fancy legal jargon at the base of each survey page, this looks legit. Harmonix might actually be trying to actively relaunch the Rock Band brand.

Hey, let's be honest here. At its height, the gaming music genre was really, really good. It was the constant flow of new games that beat the genre to death. Has it been long enough for Harmonix to relaunch the genre? Or, was the damage done by Rock Band and Guitar Hero too significant to recover from so soon?