Gamefreak is the studio responsible for the Pokémon franchise. They developed a ton of games before focusing on Nintendo's Pocket Monster series; but, since then, original ideas have been sparse. In fact, their last game not from Pokémon was the awesome Drill Dozer for the Game Boy Advance back in 2005.

Announced overnight during a Japanese Nintendo Direct event was Rhtyhm Hunter: HarmoKnight for the Nintendo 3DS. Specifically, this rhythm platformer will be an eShop title.

"Rhythm platformer?" you ask? If you're familiar with Gaijin Games, think of Bit.Trip Runner as a similar property. Music plays in the background as players are challenged to perform actions in rhythm to the beat. The character constantly runs forward in this title, so it's the job of the player to smash obstacles or clear gaps in time with the music.

This is an addictive, fun little genre of gaming that's perfect for the Nintendo 3DS' eShop.

HarmoKnight will launch in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on September 5th of this year. No release indication has been made for the rest of the world just yet.