Google-Android-Jelly_Bean-5.0-UnderAndroid has come a loooooong way since its inception. Remember what it used to look like back when it was merely a blip on the radar, a dream conjured up by the Andy Rubin and eventually backed by the Open Handset Alliance? We're mighty glad it underwent a makeover before finally being released to the public back in 2008. Now it's the most popular smartphone OS on the planet. Seriously, Android is humungous, and is only growing and getting better.

Under the guidance of Google, the open-sourced OS has become the darling among some of the world's most popular manufacturers: Samsung, HTC, LG all make Android devices, and that's just naming a few. Sure, Android still has a fragmentation problem, but the newest devices are better than we've ever seen, and a lot are coming equipped with some pretty phenomenal features: Google Now in particular.

Seeing Android grow over the past few years has been fun (Google Play has seen an enormous uptick as well), and we guess that we've yet to see the best Android has to offer — compare the T-Mobile G1 to a device like the recently announced Nexus 4. The differences are incredible. It's been an amazing ride so far, and we can't wait to see what Android brings in the future.

Here's to you, Android.

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