Original iPhone

June 29th, 2007. It’s not a date that people will memorialize, there won’t be celebrations or days off for work, but it could very well be remembered as a day that changed the face of the cellular phone forever.

For those that may not remember, June 29th, 2007 was the day the original iPhone was released.  I dug back in my personal archives for the image you see of it above, notice it has “cingular” as the carrier, this was from the original launch announcement and the AT&T acquisition happened so quickly they didn’t have time to change it.  Aw, memories.

While you can complain about the iPhone all you want from the current perspective of Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and the return of webOS, at the time of its launch it was pretty revolutionary.  Although the App Store didn’t show up until more than a year later, it wasn’t difficult to imagine what this phone would eventually up doing.  There simply was no comparison to what was out on the market at the time.  I took one look at the BlackBerry 7290 I was carrying at the time and officially told it I hated it.

I still haven’t owned an iPhone, but I do appreciate what it has done for the smartphone market and beyond.  While it can be directly connected to the creation of some of the OSes we enjoy today, it also changed music players via the iPod Touch and the whole tablet renaissance we are currently enjoying.  No, Apple didn’t create tablets, I know, but there is no denying that just like the iPhone did for phones, the iPad got a whole lot of other companies interested in developing similar products.

So, even if you despise the iPhone and everything it stands for with its closed ecosystem, dropped calls, antennagate and a host of other negatives, just take a moment to tip your cap and wish it a “Happy Birthday” today as who knows where we’d currently be if it hadn’t gotten a whole lot of other people thinking.

Where do you think smartphones would be right now if the iPhone hadn’t come along?