Of all the chat applications I use — and there are quite a few that I employ daily — Hangouts is the most important. I use it for video chats, for talking with my friends and colleagues and more. That's why I'm particularly pleased each time Google updates it with something new, and on Monday Google released a huge update for Android.

Hangouts 4.0, rolling out to Android users now (some features already available for iOS), brings an overhauled user interface, speed improvements and an even easier experience. The biggest change, perhaps, is that it has finally been updated with Material Design, but there's more.

"We've been obsessively fixing bugs and speeding up message delivery to make Hangouts faster and more reliable," Google said, noting that there are improvements to the compose button, attachments and even to the amount of battery life the app leeches.

Hangouts also now supports the ability to send and reply to group MMS messages with Google Voice, support for starting conversations with Android Wear and more. Hit the source to grab the update from the Google Play Store now.