Microsoft revealed a brand new Nokia wireless charging pad that supports Qi-enabled devices on Thursday, and while it might seem silly we’re actually really excited for it. The pad glows whenever you drop a phone on to charge, but it’s also smart enough to show you notifications and more.

So if, for example, your paired Bluetooth 4.0 phone is below 30-percent on its charge, the pad will start to “breathe” a light glow, as if to beckon you over to drop your phone down for some juice. It can also flash to alert you of an incoming call, a text message or any other sort of alert. Plus, Nokia will sell the wireless charging pads in a variety of colors, including white, green and orange, and the pads all glow that color, which creates a pretty cool effect.

We know it’s just a wireless charging pad, but this is probably the best one we’ve seen yet and we can’t wait for it to launch. Are you as excited as we are? Check out the video above.