Today Twitter and Mozilla announced Twitter for Firefox, a new version of the browser (or an add-on for existing Firefox users) that integrates Twitter search into the browser’s toolbar. I downloaded the browser this afternoon and gave it a test drive. Here’s a look at what you’re in for:

Baby Twitter tab

Rather than have to open a specific tab for Twitter, Twitter for Firefox has its own dedicated tab to display. The tab doesn’t have to be used exclusively for Twitter. If you check out another site constantly (:cough: TechnoBuffalo) you can load the baby tab with that site instead (check out the small TB tab in the picture). The smaller tab isn’t closeable; however, dragging the smaller tab past another open tab will turn it in a traditional tab that can be closed.


Search is done using Firefox in the same way you might traditionally do a search using the toolbar in Firefox. Twitter is added the list of options in a drop-down menu such as Google, Bing, Wikipedia and Amazon. Searching for a topic in the toolbar will yield the exact same results as if you had done the search on Twitter’s website. Beside your usual search results is now a Top Photo and Video section where you can see photos and videos that apply to your particular query.

Images and Video

Much to my surprise, image and video search are actually live on the site (and pulling images from third-party services!). I did a search for “Buffalo” and got a slew of options, with images uploaded to sites ranging from y.frog to Instagram. Hopefully once Twitter’s own photo-sharing option goes live, that third-party functionality will stay in place. You can look at photos individually with thumbnails posted above, or in tile form so you can see more options on the screen at once.

Beyond Twitter Search integration, you”re looking at Firefox 4.0. If you’re a Firefox user and a heavy Twitter searcher, then the browser or add-on is definitely worth a download. I’m not typically one for doing random Twitter searches, but with the new photo and video integration can definitely see myself doing a lot more in the future.

Have any of you downloaded Firefox with Twitter? What do you think?