Ron Howard took to his Twitter today to announce that the Han Solo film has wrapped production, and it finally has a name.

After years of ambiguity, Lucasfilm finally let Ron Howard announce the name of the standalone Han Solo film on Tuesday in a Twitter update. There wasn’t a whole lot the studio could do with a title like this and it settled on Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The film has had a rocky road to completion with the original directing duo of Chris Miller and Phil Lord being let go in June. A mere two days later, Ron Howard was announced as the successor to helm the production, and he has been posting many behind-the-scenes photos on his Twitter account ever since.

There was a lot of speculation that the film would move off of its previously announced release date of May 25, and that talk picked up even more steam after J.J. Abrams took over directing Episode IX. That film was previously announced for May 2019, but was quickly moved to Dec. 2019 after those events.

The difference between the two incidents, however, more than likely sits with licensed merchandise. Due to how far into production Solo was, it isn’t hard to imagine that companies such as Hasbro were deep into toy production. Asking them to sit on a warehouse full of toys for seven months probably wouldn’t have gone over well.

Howard has already indicated via his Twitter account that he has been working on editing after filming each day, so the post-production process is already under way.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters on May 25, 2018.