You’ll never guess who the second standalone Star Wars film will focus on. Following rumors the movie would feature everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, a new report claims the film will also feature Han Solo, who is just about the coolest character in the Star Wars franchise. So, yeah, two of the best characters in a film that’s being described as having a strong “Western” vibe.

According to the report, the anthology film will occur between Episode III and Episode IV, and probably feature an entirely new actor. The film isn’t scheduled to come out until 2018, so whomever is chosen will have the role of a lifetime. Does Disney use someone with a lot of star power, or someone relatively unknown? Some of the actors chosen for Episode VII are arguably unknowns, so Disney doesn’t seem to be afraid of taking risks.

Other prominent characters rumored to appear in the movie include Chewbacca, Lando and Bossk. Please let this be directed by Quentin Tarantino. Just kidding—kind of. If this film does have strong Western influences, I am totally onboard. Can you imagine blaster pistol duels at high noon?

Nobody is attached to direct since Josh Trank has stepped away from the movie but, according to the same report, there are two prominent names being considered: Jon Favreau and Matthew Vaughn. Favreau seems like a better fit considering he has handled Disney properties before, along with the Western, Cowboys & Aliens, which was moderately successful.

The first anthology film, Rogue One, will focus on the Rebel Alliance attempting to steal plans for the Death Star. But before even that film hits, Star Wars fans will be treated to The Force Awakens, which comes out on Dec. 18, 2015.