han cantina

According to one report, Disney is preparing to restore order to the galaxy by making it clear Han shot first.

If you ever want to watch Star Wars fans froth at the mouth, simply tell them that you agree with George Lucas' choice in the 2004 Special Edition of A New Hope to make it look like Greedo shot at Han first. Due to this ill conceived choice on the part of Lucas, the original three films have not seen an HD release in their original theatrical forms, and that has been fodder for many a Star Wars fan to spit fire.

According to Bleeding Cool, Disney is pondering righting this wrong. Apparently the site has received a copy of an email that states Disney wants to release the original theatrical versions on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD prior to the release of Star Wars Episode VII as a way to refresh our memories of where the story left off. In reality, this would also go a very long way of building good will with the fan base before launching the new trilogy. Since Disney now owns the rights to everything Star Wars, it would be well within its purview to make sure we get the films in the format we have been begging for for years.

Beyond the obvious Han/Greedo debacle, this would also remove some of the other silliness such as the retooled Sy Snootles and the Max Rebo Band scene in Return of the Jedi. It would take out the gratuitous appearance of Boba Fett in the first film with the awful CGI Jabba in the first film. And while there are many other changes to be removed, Hayden Christensen would not appear as the Force Ghost of Anakin. That change alone could be enough to warrant buying a new set.

Where the rumor begins to fall apart a bit is apparently the same report also discusses the possibility of considering the prequel trilogy as part of the Legends Universe, meaning they would no longer be considered canon. As much hatred as we may all spew at those films, that seems like a highly unlikely move. Yes, it would give Disney some more freedom for telling stories set in the past, but I'm more inclined to believe those films will just be forgotten as opposed to essentially being erased.

As it stands all of this is rumor, but it certainly makes a lot of sense that Disney might consider such a move. Speaking as a fan, I know that I would certainly welcome being able to once again see the films as I remember them.

And for the record… yes, I believe Han shot first.