Talk about dedication! Lego Master Lee Jones dedicated the last three and a half years of his life and $7,000 of his hard earned money into re-creating Halo’s principal Pillar of Autumn spaceship entirely out of Legos.

Altogether, his creation is over 7 feet long and weighs 220 pounds, dwarfing his previous creations of the Lord of the Rings Balrog and the Star Wars Rebel Alliance Blockade Runner.

Check out more images at his site for more close-ups.

On the transport home, the ship fell over and suffered irreparable damage, and Jones says he will use the pieces to start building a new ship from a different science fiction universe. Tune in in about four years to see what he makes next!

“A new SHIP will rise in its place. but from a different universe than the Halo universe.”

I dunno, I think I would just lose it if something I spent that much time making got damaged beyond repair.