When people put Halo and live action together, I imagine more serious videos. I imagine battlefields painstakingly recreated or a dark origin short.

The Halo Wars 2 live action commercial that Xbox and 343 Industries dropped this past week, though? Definitely not what I expected. It’s outstanding.

Not that there’s anything wrong with those other videos

I’m totally down with the deep lore that surrounds the Halo universe, and I’d be a complete liar if I said the live action commercials that have aired previously didn’t thrill me.

Personally, I love when companies take heavy-handed fiction and put a lighter spin on it for marketing. I know that not everyone digs getting silly in with their serious, but I do. These are the types of ads that work on me.

You hear that, advertising overlords!? I said, “make funny commercials!”

Halo Wars 2 will hit the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms on February 21, 2017.