Halo Wars 2 - 1

Interested in trying out some Halo Wars 2 ahead of the game’s launch next month? Betas and demos are a regular thing now, so that means this RTS has one.

The Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta is live today on the Xbox One and Windows 10. It’s a 10.1GB download on Xbox one and 11.96GB on PC.

The beta only offers the game’s Blitz mode, a mode that’s completely new with Halo Wars 2. It’s actually a touch complicated, complete with its own card deck-building stuff. Every game has that these days, why is that?

343 Industries dropped a huge tutorial

If you feel like doing some reading, you can dig into the lengthy tutorial for Halo Wars 2‘s Blitz mode that 343 released ahead of this beta. You can even check out the video below for the tutorial in motion. Both are great ways to kill time while you wait for the download, or, even worse, while you wait for school/work to end.

The beta runs from today until January 30 on both platforms. Get in there. The game officially launches on February 21, 2017.