In a recent interview with Xbox Achievements, DICE sat down and admitted that Battlefield 4 was “a black eye for us” and that Star Wars: Battlefront is definitely not going to suffer the same problems.

Wait, no. That’s wrong. Let me try again. In a recent interview with Xbox Achievements, Ubisoft sat down and admitted that Assassin’s Creed Unity was “a black eye for us” and that Assassin’s Creed Victory is definitely not going to suffer the same problems.

Argh! I did it again! I can’t keep track of all of these failures and promises. I’m going to need the most awkward E3 ever to remind me of all the gaffes over the past year. Here, I’ll get it right this time.

In a recent interview with Xbox Achievements, 343 Industries Halo Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor sat down and admitted that Halo: The Master Chief Collection was “a black eye for us” and that Halo 5 is definitely not going to suffer the same problems. (Whew, I did it)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection infamously launched with a broken multiplayer mode last year which crippled its matchmaking capabilities. Many patch releases later, the game still suffers from multiplayer issues, and these even led to the opening tournament in the Halo Championship Series being canceled.

Halo 5: Guardians though, will be different.

“We’re not going to rest on our laurels or hide from the mistakes we made. However, I will say that the nature of The Master Chief Collection – you’ve got five different game engines, you’ve got five different studios working on it, you’ve got 343 working on putting it all together – the footprint and complexity was outrageous.”

But they still slapped it with a $60 price tag and sold it to you regardless. To be fair, 343 did not find these issues in testing, but that is because a small controlled group can’t replicate the server stress of the grand video game audience. Lesson learned at the expense of its audience looking for online gaming.

It’s just lucky that Halo: The Master Chief Collection has a robust single player portion.

“Halo 5 is being made by a completely different team. It’s a singular product. It was built from the ground up for this new technology, rather than being sort of dragged kicking and screaming from 2001 and forced and shoehorned into a 2014 console. So the problem spaces are still very challenging but they’re radically different. I think the beta is already a decent first step, in a retail environment, showing that we don’t have the same problems.”

Any hope for Halo 5: Guardians? I think 343 Industries has stepped up, and its launch will be silky smooth. Games that are developed for a specific console and launch on that console tend to run better than multiplatform games or rebuilds of older games.

Still, don’t take my word for it. Always be wary of the AAA market these days. Wait for a review and don’t buy at launch. Halo 5: Guardians will be released for the Xbox One on Oct. 27.

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