Microsoft and the Xbox 360 team have gotten together to offer another fairly substantial sale during the holiday period on Xbox LIVE. This whole thing is part of Xbox's 12 Days of Deals, and gamers can now score a bunch of Halo content for, in almost all cases, 50% off.

One could possibly argue that those gamers out there that wanted this kind of Halo content will have already picked it up. We're just tossing that perspective out for you folks to consider before moving on.

Here's the full chart featuring these discount prices, complete with links, courtesy of Major Nelson's blog

Normal Today Only
Halo Reach Noble Map Pack 800 400
Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack 800 400
Halo Reach full game download Varies... Varies...
Halo Reach Anchor 9 Premium Theme  240 120
Halo: Reach Noble Team Theme 240 120
Halo Energy Sword Prop  240 120
Halo: Reach Kat Spartan 320 Armor Male 400 200
Halo: Reach Kat Spartan 320 Armor Female 400 200

The price I am seeing for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace version of the full Halo: Reach download checks in at $29.99. While that is certainly cheaper than a new, disc version of the game at online retailers like, gamers looking to score a slightly-to-significantly better deal will likely be able to do so at brick and mortar retail locations near their homes. Or, you could just buy the title used and spend around 15 bucks.

We'll never look down our noses at discounts and sales, but this is one of the reasons why I fear the world moving towards entirely digital distribution. In marketplaces like these, it's impossible to find competitive prices without the consent of the marketplace owner. Microsoft can sell Halo: Reach in digital format for however much they like simply because you can't find it digitally from any other seller.

But, hey, if you just bought an Xbox 360 bundled with Reach, now's your chance to score a few sweet map packs and avatar items.

[via Major Nelson]

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