As of this past weekend, I was still personally having trouble consistently finding matches quickly in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. I’d find a game, play it, then sit waiting for a new match to form and begin. That waiting period sometimes reached 10 or 15 minutes, though it fluctuated based one what games I selected.

I realize that some gamers have had success, but I don’t fall into that camp yet.

This game has been out for four months now, and 343 Industries is still trying to fix it. The developer has released another matchmaking, stability and mechanic tweaking patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection today. The matchmaking stuff gets top billing in the summary of what’s included, so hopefully that means it works.

Here’s the rub from Halo Waypoint:

  • Made a variety of updates to improve matchmaking performance and success rates
  • Improved matchmaking search times/time to match
  • Improved stability throughout the matchmaking process across all titles
  • Improved party stability
  • Made improvements to multiplayer shot registration
  • Improved campaign stability across a variety of levels
  • Addressed stability issues for matchmaking and custom games
  • Fixed issues around resuming H2A Campaign from “remastered” mode
  • Improved medal display consistency
  • Fixed issues regarding aim assist which resulted in the reticle being pushed away from an enemy
  • Improved shot registration consistency between host / client in peer-to-peer custom game matches
  • Resolved a variety of UI inconsistencies, including team color randomization, medals, and in-game scoreboard display

Will it make the games even more playable? I have no idea.

I just want to relax with some SWAT in Halo 2 Anniversary‘s maps. That’s all I want.

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