343 Industries creates Halo games, but the Microsoft-owned studio wants to do more for its community.

In partnership with Limbitless Solutions, the developer unveiled a set of prosthetic arms that'll allow any child to feel as heroic as Master Chief. The model comes in two varieties. Limbitless built a Master Chief-inspired style that's exactly what you've seen on the franchise's protagonist for almost two decades. Without question, it's fitting for brave children.

The other style, meanwhile, features the same design but in different colors. Its maker wants children to pick and choose colors that express who they are.

Described as a "bionic arm," these prosthetics are functional as well as affordable. It enables children to grab and hold items, even letting them make gestures. Plus, they're free-of-charge to children and their families as Limbitless operates as a non-profit organization. The team just wants to empower children who might feel at a disadvantage.

Both Halo-themed prosthetic arms are set to be released in early 2019.