The next Halo game is official. Microsoft made the announcement during its E3 2018 keynote that Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite.

Xbox’s most popular franchise kicked off the presentation. The announcement trailer for Halo Infinite opened with looks at various environments, but some of the locations showed trademark items from the series. Master Chief, the protagonist who’s been at the helm since the beginning, appeared as UNSC troops were exploring in the distance.

The classic Halo theme music commenced, of course, to get every fanboy excited for where Master Chief is going. Phil Spencer, who leads Xbox at Microsoft, went on to add that the story will still be focused on Master Chief.

Based on 343 Industries’ new Slipspace Engine, the game should look spectacular compared to any of the previous installments.

Microsoft and 343 Industries will make Halo Infinite available on Xbox One as well as Windows 10. As of now, there is no release window. But it looks like the game will arrive near the end of 2019. More details should be offered soon, but at least we know Master Chief is coming back.