Halo 4

The Halo franchise has sold a grand total of 65 million units to date, as claimed by Microsoft. The bump in sales from the last figure reveal comes from The Master Chief Collection, which was released right after Microsoft claimed the series sold 60 million.

4-5 million copies is a pretty safe number to assume for The Master Chief Collection, giving it a roughly 25 percent attachment rate for the Xbox One as it nears 20 million units itself. Older Halo hits have also all been heavily discounted on Xbox Live plenty of times in recent memory, no doubt contributing to the growing figure as well.

Of course, 65 million units is also pretty fitting for Halo given how much of a dinosaur the series has become compared to rivals. Oh, sick burn! I kid because I love, though, and Halo's relatively aged gameplay makes it one of the few FPS franchises I can still stomach.

We can expect that number to climb when Halo 5: Guardians gets released for the Xbox One on Oct. 27.