According to sources, Halo: Combat Evolved will be seeing a remake due out this Holiday.  People spilling their guts to Joystiq have informed them, yet been unable to entirely confirm, that development is happening under the supervision of 343 Industries by the hands of Jersey-based Saber Interactive.

The sources state that this game will be more than a simple polished port. The Halo: Combat Evolved remake will be based on new art assets and feature a unique engine; however, not the force behind Reach. It will supposedly churn out 1080p visuals and be 3D capable.

It's been rumored that the game will support online co-op, and one must assume that players will be seeing some iteration of competitive multiplayer as well. The competitive stuff was once a side distraction that took over LAN parties and evening hangouts, but once LIVE became a reality the Halo titles have been at the forefront of matchmaking tech. We'd love to see all of that glory spread upon Combat Evolved.

On one side of the spectrum, some fans may see this as an attempt by Microsoft to begin milking the Halo franchise for all its worth. Bungie has left the publisher for more independent (and yet not independent, thanks to Activision) pastures. It's undeniable that their presence within Microsoft will be sorely missed. This may be a chance for Microsoft to make more money on the Halo cash cow before there's none left to be made.

However, those less cynical among us may point towards the release date as the reason for the remake. Joystiq offers that the remake of Halo: Combat Evolved will drop on November 15th of this year. That's exactly 10 years after the launch of the original Xbox and the original Halo. So those not convinced of Microsofts intentions of making piles and piles of money will point to this release as nothing more than a great celebration.

Regardless, it will be great to see even more life from one of the best console shooters to ever be released. Anyone excited?

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