As 343 Industries and Microsoft prepared to launch the first of several championship Halo matches in Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘s multiplayer this weekend, they were struck with some server issues. The first HCS Cup, which had a $3,000 prize pool, was cancelled roughly an hour before it was set to begin.

This happened over the weekend, and the official Halo Twitter account tweeted out the news.

This is one of several planned Cups, and we hope/assume that 343 will make it their top priority to make the next in line playable.

If you’ve followed the multiplayer issues that have plagued Halo: The Master Chief Collection since its launch by reading stories on this site, you may have noticed or taken part in the conversations that regularly occur between myself and the readers in the comment section below. The lot of us want Halo‘s multiplayer to work, and we all seem to report different levels of success.

I personally have my game updated all the way and still see random drops and long waits for connection, though others report that everything is moving perfectly fine. It seems this weekend saw some problems, but I really wonder how stable the game is.

I’ve already set some time aside during lunch today to try the game’s online component once more. Maybe I’ll come back reporting a rousing success. For now, it’s clear 343 is having some serious issues.