I headed out Tuesday night to Sony Ericsson's GDC press event to officially launch the Xperia Play gaming phone in the US. While I'd already seen the phone at MWC in Barcelona (thumbs-on video here), it was good to see SE and its partners talking up the device, the role of buttons in gaming (if there still is a place for buttons in the 21st Century), and plans for games, online services, and other Xperia Play-related goodies coming down the pike.

Professional gamer Dave Walsh was on-hand, clad in a Sony Ericsson pullover, talking to the media about the phone. Straight up, I know next to nothing about gaming other than that I love Galaga and I'm terrible at FIFA 10. So I asked Walshy if he'd be game to basically let me turn my camera on, introduce him, and leave him to tell us his thoughts on the phone and the life of a professional gamer. Bully for us, I left the venue with some footage on my microSD card.

Check it out and you tell me: This "Walshy" character … what's the deal? And is he right about Xperia Play?