Halo 5: Guardians' beta test is all set to begin on Dec. 29th, and 343 Industries has a new video showing off what you can expect.

New weapons, new Spartan abilities, new boost-thrusters and sprinting, and a new climbing ability are all new additions to the formula, but you can also expect that same level of verticality you get from the old games to give it an old school edge over other modern day shooters, if that's your thing.

The beta test will grant three game modes across seven maps, and it will also play host to an experience point system which can be used to purchase customizable helmets and other gear. These can be transferred into the main game whenever you finally decide to pick it up.

Another new element of the beta test will be the Halo Council, which will allow beta testers to share their feedback and thoughts in a direct conversation with the game's developers.

343 Industries also confirmed that the beta is only going to run at 720p and 60fps, however this will not be the resolution of the final product. It has stated that with the game's development coming to a close, all efforts will be put into making sure it can run at the absolute pinnacle of the console's abilities.

To join the beta test, you'll have to pick up a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which launches worldwide today! Again, Halo 5: Guardian's beta test will begin on Dec. 29th, but no final release has been announced for the final version on Xbox One.