So much for keeping an old man down. Some wondered if Master Chief had it in him to escape the antiquated bonds of console exclusivity and set records upon launch, especially during an already crowded shooter season.

However, Microsoft is reporting that Halo 4 has just had the biggest launch in the series’ history at $220,000,000 earned on its opening day alone in America, and that the game is “on track” to be the biggest entertainment launch of the year with $300 million worldwide in just one week.

Microsoft PR guys are also saying that the game has eclipsed the previous first day sales record holder, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 and 2012’s biggest film, The Avengers. Comparing video games to films is still a murky tactic, but hey, that’s what PR guys are paid to do, right?

Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer has thanked he fans all over the world for making this happen.

“We’re thrilled that ‘Halo 4’ has emerged as the biggest U.S. entertainment launch of the year. Thanks to the millions of fans worldwide who helped make this another record-breaking launch for the ‘Halo’ franchise, ‘Halo 4’ is kicking off a strong holiday season and has become the must-have blockbuster experience of the year.”

Of course, we’ll see how that holds up after Call of Duty: Black Ops II closes out its first week. Good thing Microsoft beat Activision to the finish line, or else we might not be hearing about Halo 4‘s huge success.

Halo 4 is now available on the Xbox 360, and new mulitplayer packs and expansions are being released as we speak.

[via CVG]

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