Just because Halo 4 is an old timer making a leap into a strange, modern world doesn’t mean it isn’t prone to a few tricks the young kids use these days. Much like every other blockbuster game on the market, Halo 4 is getting a DLC season pass for upfront money that will carry over until next April.

For $24.99, or 2000 MS Points, you can get all three planned multiplayer maps at an overall 15% discount as they become available through December, February, and April

Crimson Map Pack (December)

Maps: Wreckage, Harvest, Shatter

Description: Witness the chaos of a clash of civilizations in Wreckage, with its blend of claustrophobic spaces and dangerous exposures and venture into the human colony environs of Harvest, and explore a human foray on an alien moon in Shatter.

Majestic Map Pack (February)

Maps: Landfall, Monolith, Skyline

Description: Landfall’s emphasis is on infantry battles against a glittering ocean on a distant world, while Monolith exposes you to the naked vacuum of space – and the firepower of opposing teams, and Skyline’s distinctly industrial feel provides new challenges in somewhat familiar, but occasionally confined spaces.

Castle Map Pack (April)

Maps: Daybreak, Outcast, Perdition

Description: Daybreak is set in a military facility against the backdrop of an idyllic mountain range, while Outcast plunges you into the warrens, canyons and arches of an alien edifice, and Perdition takes players into the heart of an urban sprawl, with tactical speed and situational awareness its key features.

Buying these at 800 points each is also an option if you want to test run a new map before buying all three, but then you miss out on the 15% discount. You might as well just assume that 343 is going to do a wonderful job with the expansion maps and buy them all up front without a chance to even hear any buzz about them. You’ll at least get a sweet new helmet for your multiplayer build out of the deal as well.

That is, of course, assuming you love Halo.

At least the concept art is pretty sweet. I’m willing to bet that 343 Industries is worth your trust.

Halo 4 War Games Pass Concept Art Gallery

[via VG247]

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