Halo 4 trailer - 2

Microsoft kicked things off with a bang today at their E3 briefing, opening the show with some live Halo 4 gameplay.

We saw Master Chief and UNSC crash land on an unknown planet, only to instantly confront the new species of enemies we can expect to encounter throughout the campaign. Cortana lets us know that their weapons are Forerunner designed, so this new foe will have quite the back-story.

The Chief's HUD has been completely re-done. It looks pretty awesome. 343 Industries is really trying to get the user to see things through the eyes of Master Chief in Halo 4. The top and bottom of the HUD is curved to compensate for the curvature of the Chief's visor. Also, both Cortana and a USMC Officer pop up in a video chat-like window in the top right of Chief's HUD. This is a pretty cool new feature that will make the player's frequent conversations with Cortana a lot more personal.

Just as we expected, Microsoft started their day off with Halo 4. We'll be sure to keep you updated on any new details as the begin to surface here at E3.