As I mentioned before, Halo commands a respect from outside the gaming community that all the sales chart topping military shooters can only dream of. Call of Duty and Battlefield might be fun to play, but how often do you think about them when they are not directly in front of you? Not very often, right?

Halo, on the other hand, has presence in the real world, and Microsoft has used that inexplicable pull to get grade-A Hollywood talent involved in creating a live-action video game trailer for its upcoming hit, Halo 4.

Settling for one of the hottest directors in the world right now, Microsoft demanded only the best for their flagship franchise and turned to none other than David Fincher to produce the two minute live-action trailer titled Scanned. Fincher is best known these days for his recent hits The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and his Oscar-nominated directing in The Social Network, although many fans would rather point to his popular cult hits Se7en and Fight Club as his crowning achievements.

Directing the trailer is Tim Miller, the man who headed the special effects in Scott Pilgrim vs The World, a film where the visual effects are all I really had respect for. He also worked with Fincher to design The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo‘s trippy opening sequence.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to direct the Halo 4 launch trailer in creative partnership with 343 Industries and David Fincher. Halo is one of the most iconic sci-fi universes, with a depth that allows for amazingly cinematic and emotionally riveting stories. The chance to tell a story that explores never-before-seen facets of Master Chief’s journey is an honor. Our goal is to deliver a blockbuster, Hollywood-quality trailer that raises the bar for the award-winning legacy of live-action ‘Halo storytelling and gets fans stoked for the return of Master Chief.”

Like I said, respect. Even after being hit with several sub-par side games, Halo‘s reputation has weathered a few rough years and is finally getting back on track as one of the biggest franchises in history. These talented and highly regarded guys have put Hollywood on hold to create a 2 minute commercial for a simple video game. They’ve even gone out of their way to write a script dedicated to diving into Master Chief’s back story. This isn’t a simple montage of gameplay. This is real deal storytelling used as advertising.

At any rate, it seems my wish of top notch Halo 4 marketing is coming true. I’m pumped! Are you?

Scanned is scheduled to air during Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on October 18th on NBC. Halo 4 will be released on November 6th exclusively for the Xbox 360.

[via Polygon]

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