I'll assert, simply, that anyone who has ever spent a significant amount of time with the Halo gaming universe can, at this very moment, recall the cadence of the Battle Rifle. Aside from the pistol in the original Halo: Combat Evolved, it can be argued that the Battle Rifle is the most beloved weapon in this series' arsenal.

It's coming back in Halo 4.

343 Industries, the Microsoft gaming studio that took the wheel from Bungie's franchise, has put together and released the "First Look" video you see above for Halo 4. In it, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of a few areas, new Spartans, the developers' studio and some news regarding returning weaponry and new assets.

Since the game's reveal at last year's E3, this video marks the most significant dump of information. As the year wears on, you can definitely expect to hear a lot more from both Microsoft and 343 Industries regarding Master Chief's newest mission.

While it does not have a specific release date yet (we'd guess that info will be revealed during E3 this June), Halo 4 will ship for the Xbox 360 this fall. As more comes, we'll have it.

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