Yesterday, 343 Industries randomly sent out 32 sections of an image to Halo Waypoint users. When pieced together, the image turned into what has been confirmed as the cover art for Halo 4.

The cover art looks awesome. 343 is really taking a new approach to Halo just by the game’s cover alone. It just looks… different. This isn’t a bad thing. If a developer is going to stretch out the lifespan of a franchise and work it for all its worth, it’s good to see some change from time to time. This of course is something that the Call of Duty franchise has been ridiculed for since CoD 4.

Along with the new cover art, we now have a glimpse at some of the new enemies that 343 has promised us. On the back of the box for a Halo 4 toy we can see that “The Crawler” and “The Watcher” are listed as coming soon to that toy set. These enemies of course are completely new to the Halo universe.

343 Industries told us that they were introducing a completely new enemy set. For example: The Covenant and the Flood are enemy sets. This means we can expect to see an entire new group such as those to fight against in Halo 4. 343 also mentioned that they are introducing new ways to combat these enemies as well.

Overall, this is great news for Halo fans. We certainly love to see more and more features and media surrounding the November release of this highly anticipated game. Stay tuned to TechnoBuffalo as more Halo 4 information begins to surface.

[via AllGamesBeta]

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