If you played Halo 2 around the time it came out, you might remember suffering one of the most obnoxious P2P matchmaking exploits in the history of multiplayer shooter gaming. It was called standbying, and it has apparently made a triumphant return in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

The video above serves as the proof of this in action, but here's how it works… Halo 2 didn't have dedicated servers. All matches were peer-to-peer, and that meant one gamer was the host. As the host, that player could hold the standby button on their modem, run up and kill competitors, release the button and the game would catch up. The host would keep right on playing, and the other players would reconnect, teleport and instantly die (if killed, of course).

If players fail to connect to a dedicated server in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, they'll be put in a P2P match. That's something that's been happening on the regular thanks to its troubled launch, the host can do the standby trick again. Gamers have noticed, and some hosts are taking advantage.

Yes, a trick that worked 10 years ago is working today. This is truly the anniversary of Halo 2, my friends.

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