Apple quietly rolled out a new feature for web based iTunes content browsing.  Instead of launching when an iTunes link is clicked or directing the user to install iTunes to view the content, it forwards to iTunes Preview.  Currently, only music links have been converted over.

In its current form, iTunes Preview offers little to no features.  Links display a track list of the song‘s album, customer reviews, and the option to view more from the artist.  There’s currently no way to preview the content within the web browser; only the option to open in iTunes.  Eventually, previewing content may make its way into iTunes Preview in an effort to boost sales.


iTunes Preview can only be accessed through the iTunes Charts link on their iTunes page or through any music link copied through iTunes.  iTunes Charts allows browsing of top 100 songs and albums, TV shows and rentals, movies, and music videos through iTunes Preview. The current navigation scheme isn’t designed for browsing all content available in iTunes, but that may change in the future.  If you’re looking for anything beyond the top 100 shows and movies, you won’t find it in iTunes Preview.

Eventually, Apple will probably include all content from iTunes into iTunes Preview. We’ll probably see apps, podcasts, and audiobooks make their way into iTunes Preview.  Although we’ll probably never be able to purchase content outside iTunes, it’s good to see them making changes to the dreaded iTunes sharing links.  Take a look at iTunes Preview and let us know what you think.