Marvelous AQL has finally pulled back the curtain on Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming, its long awaited sequel to its PSP cult-favorite Half-Minute Hero. A week after the company teased fans with an English trailer, it has come forward again to confirm that the game will be localized and released on Steam “very soon.”

AQL Producer Esteban Salazar has stated that no PSP or PS Vita release will be happening “any time in the foreseeable future.” If you want to play Half-Minute Hero on the go, you’ll just have to bust out the original again.

Along with the changed title, this game will feature full Steam integration, 4-person multiplayer matches, and extra content not found in the original PSP Japanese release. Salazar says that the game will be “very reasonable” in price, but did not mention a specific number.

Digital distribution has done wonders for the Western indie market and smaller projects in this part of the world, but hopefully Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming and a few other recent hits like it can pave a path for obscure Japanese games to find their way to American shores as well. Localization is still a monstrous task in and of itself, but at least this cuts out the middleman of a physical disc.

Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming will be released on Steam “very soon,” and if you haven’t played the original yet, it comes with five stamps of approval. Buy it the instant you can.