Half-Life 2

More leaks or more trolling? It's your call, but Valve "accidentally" published an interesting hl3.txt over the weekend in the Dota 2 Reborn patch, and it gives a whole lot of hints as to what we might be seeing if Half-Life 3 ever becomes a reality.

Steam Database picked up on the file and revealed it on Twitter. From there, anxious gamers over at NeoGAF had fun picking through it and discovered a laundry list of ideas Valve might be throwing around the office, or at least taking naps on, like procedural generation, NPC recruitment and squads, VR support, and most importantly, zip lines!

Yes, zip lines!

From ideas like this, it sounds like Valve is taking a few pages from how games have changed since Half-Life 2 launched back in 2004. Linear shooters are out, and open-worlds with no path set in stone are in. That works for some titles like The Elders Scrolls and Fallout, but the Half-Life series has always excelled at amazing set pieces, great pacing, and capturing moment to moment action and ambience. If Half-Life decides to go open-world, then we'll have to subvert our expectations.

But of course, don't forget those zip lines!

Again, this will probably lead to nothing, but it's always fun to speculate on Half-Life 3.