How long has it been since we last heard from Gordon Freeman and friends? Coming up on eight years since the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, eleven years since Half-Life 2? What has Gordon Freeman been doing during all that time? Isn't he supposed to be saving the world from the enslaving grasp of the Combine?

Seriously, Valve…

A small independent film studio called Fence Post Productions seems to have its own thoughts on what Gordon Freeman has been up to over the years. A whole lot of nothing! Freeman has clearly packed on a few pounds over the years, using his Earth saving gravity gun for trivial matters like throwing away the beer cans after he's done guzzling them down.

Seriously, what a waste of a beloved hero. Props to actor Noel Rostron for his portrayal of the washed up People's Theoretical Physicist. Nailed it!

Anticipation for the conclusion to the Half-Life series is just as high as it was a decade ago, naturally making the anxiety that it will never happen equally high. Valve has been tighter lipped than any other company in history about this project, probably realizing that it is sitting on the enormous task of making sure that Half-Life 3 exceeds expectations and is more than just another first-person shooter. In that light, I am more sympathetic.

I can appreciate the time it takes to make sure it has something special, but eight years?