Half-Life 3 isn’t happening anytime soon, but if we are forced to wait another seven years until we get something new from Gordon Freeman, how about a fresh look at Half-Life 2 re-envisioned through Unreal Engine 3 to hold you over?

Artist Logithx has uploaded several screenshots of his work of completely rebuilding the legendary City 17 to the Polycount forums, and he is even working on porting it to Unreal Engine 4.

“I’m working everyday to port this to the new Unreal Engine 4,” says Logithx, “but as I mentioned in my original post there’s lots of work that was unfinished not to mention that I have to redo all the materials and many textures because of the awesome physically-based shading in Unreal Engine 4.”

Source is still a lovely little “engine that could,” but after being out there for a decade now, everyone else has finally caught up, including Epic Games. It makes me excited for Unreal Engine 4, but even more so, it makes me excited for how Valve prepares to answer with Source 2.

Logithx says everything used in the game is original, except for Dr. Breen’s face and the Combine insignia. The City has been built completely from the ground up.