Given the digital tools consumers have access to today on smartphones and tablets, and even computers, a program like Microsoft Paint, which many people likely toyed around with to waste time, can seem archaic. But despite its limited capabilities, people have managed to create some oddly stunning work with Paint before. 97-year-old Hal Lasko is using the program to make some truly exceptional art. Lasko, by the way, is legally blind.

In a charming mini-doc, Lasko explains why he uses Paint to begin with, and his history as an artist. It’s funny that he mentions what joy he gets out of painting. Being committed, showing passion, all characteristics for producing great work, not matter what field you’re in. If anything, Lasko’s images display a level of patience not many people have.

Lasko certainly has an incredible talent, even at his old age; the compositions are impressive, the vision, showing that an artist can make something beautiful through medium—even a nearly 20-year-old application. Sure, what Lasko creates isn’t photo-realism, but his paintings are beautiful in their own right, especially when you consider the effort he puts into them.