Lizard Squad made waves earlier this year when they took down Blizzard and PlayStation networks for a time in August. Then they tweeted a bomb threat that redirected a commercial airliner, upon which Sony Online Entertainment's John Smedley was a passenger. They popped up again when they claimed responsibility for attacking servers for specific games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

A few weeks ago, the group announced that they would be taking down Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network for Christmas, apparently knocking out both networks at that time as a demonstration.

A day later, in comes another group, The Finest Squad, saying they'll prevent the attacks. The group announced it would be attacking Lizard Squad, outing its members.

The two groups started revealing photos and names of each others' members (allegedly – none of the information has been verified as being accurate).

One accomplishment the Finest Squad has been successful in is removing Lizard Squad's account from Twitter.

The group says they plan to actively defend the gaming networks through Christmas Eve and Day. The Finest Squad said in a post to YouTube that, on Christmas, there will be "no events… they can't do anything. They don't have anyone funding them anymore. The main members of Lizard Squad are gone."

So, will be be able to play games online on Christmas? It's hard to say. Without any of this information verified, it could just as easily be the same group of people, making false threats to each other, outing false identities, and making threats they can't actually do anything with toward Microsoft and Sony.

Polygon received comment from Microsoft of a general nature, stating that "Our Xbox Live operations team works through the holidays to help keep our games, platform and services functioning as millions of gamers turn on their new Xbox for the first time."