Following yesterday's report that claims Apple is working to bring Siri to the iPhone 4, hackers have ported the company's new digital assistant to a device that's even longer in the tooth, the iPhone 3GS.

Hackers have already gotten the feature, which is currently exclusive to the new iPhone 4S, working on the iPhone 4 and the fourth-generation iPod touch, but their efforts show no signs of stopping just yet. Developers Grant Paul and Steve Troughton-Smith have gotten the new feature running on Apple's iPhone 3GS, a device that launched back in 2009 with just a 833MHz processor (under-clocked at 600MHz), and 256MB RAM.

The clip above is just 18 seconds in length, but it clearly shows Siri running on the iPhone 3GS. The user asks Siri to perform a contact request, which it does pretty darn quickly. This clip, along with footage of the feature running on other unsupported devices, quashes rumors that Siri needs the iPhone 4S' dual-core A5 chip to run smoothly. It seems performance issues are not the reason why we're yet to see the feature on other iOS devices.

Would you like to see Siri on your iPhone 3GS?

[via SlashGear]