What would the world be like without another online zombie MMO? Sony Online Entertainment has chosen to enter the crowded scene and go head to head with the likes of well established games like DayZ with its own take on the post-apocalypse, H1Z1.

To counter its late arrival on the scene, the game promises to be even larger with far more options for survival. Band with other members to create impenetrable fortresses, isolate yourself in the wilderness, join a group of marauding pillagers, become a trader and aid in the establishment of a homegrown economy. SOE wants you to live out your post-apocalyptic fantasies in this game, because hopefully your crazy dream never comes true.

The first gameplay footage is what you would expect: shoot zombies in the head, cooperate with another player, and drive around in a jeep through the vast and open world. Pretty standard fare so far, but at least it looks solid. We'll have to wait and see what SOE does to shake things up on a larger scale. If this company can get something as large as PlanetSide to run, I don't think this will be too much of a problem.

H1Z1 will be released for the PC first before heading to the PlayStation 4.