Some feel that getting a ban hammer for life after being caught cheating is a little extreme, and I agree. We make mistakes from time to time, and everyone deserves a second chance once punishment has been doled out and the crime atoned for.

H1Z1 developer Daybreak Game Company also agrees that players who have been expelled from its game are welcome to come back after a heartfelt apology. No, not an apology to the developers themselves, though. What does that accomplish besides a guilt-free trip back into the expansive, anonymous unknown? No, if you want back into H1Z1, you have to make your apology real and do it in front of those who you cheated against…

…through YouTube! You know, public shaming.

Daybreak’s John Smedely has the guidelines on his Twitter page.

Don’t ever say that a decent public shaming is an insufficient punishment. It does work. Already, three people have apologized, and Smedley has their videos linked into his Twitter account. Be sure to check them out! Talk about awkward!

Great system, and maybe others will follow suit. A lifetime ban is never the answer, and this should be penance enough to at least let the H1Z1 community consider letting people back. Daybreak is only offering this temporarily, and three players out of the 30,000 banned have been let back in. One is even having his ban reinstated for making the video private after the decision to let him back in was made. Harsh!

This offer expires today at noon, so if you were one of those people banned by Daybreak, by all means, you better hurry up! Just be sure to look like this guy when you do.