Last year, indie developer Tom Francis stole our hearts with his little hit Gunpoint, a game he made in his spare time and broke even with after it earned back its budget a minute into its release. Now he is out to do it again with his second game, Heat Signature.

Sticking with this theme of stealth, Heat Signature doesn't star a named spy. He must sneak aboard randomly generated ships to steal their valuables, take out guards, assassinate individuals, or hijack bigger vessels.

It's a two phase game. The first part involves sneaking up to these ships without your heat signature being picked up on their radar, and the second part sees the thief sneaking through the ship.

There is no penalty yet for firing a gun, but Francis says that the final game will seal off the cockpit and other rooms of the ship if shots are fired. Plenty more elements will also be added like commandeering a vessel and starting fights with other ships and random tasks like assassinating targets or stealing specific items.

No information yet on a release date or pricing, but Francis frequently updates his official website with information on the game. Looks like a lot of fun.