It looks like music games weren’t really ready for a revival. First, we heard word that Rock Band 4 didn’t sell so well. Now we have it from Activision that Guitar Hero Live under-performed, too.

Activision spoke in a financial call, and they said that Guitar Hero Live offered up a “lower than expected performance.” Activision Publishing head Eric Hirshberg explained that the company doesn’t expect to release a sequel to Guitar Hero Live during this console generation.

Instead? Instead they’ll treat the game as a platform, and they’ll “cost-effectively deliver new content.” Here’s the full quote:

“Next, Guitar Hero Live is a fun, high-quality game that introduced innovative new game play to fans, including the GHTV platform, which keeps our community engaged and will allow us to cost-effectively deliver new content and build our installed base. We plan to release new content, but not another full Guitar Hero console game this cycle.”

I personally picked up Guitar Hero Live this year. The idea of performing in front of live action crowds with a live action band was too much to ignore. The game is fun, though it features a really weird take on content choice. You can play setlists of songs, or you can play on the always rolling and always live channels. If you want to play one specific song, you have to use in-game currency or the real world kind.

I imagine that last bit there turned a lot of consumers off.