It looks like Guitar Hero may be on its way back. In a recent interview with Forbes, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick said, “we’re going to take the products out of the market, and we’re not going to tell anybody what we’re doing for awhile… we’re going to use new studios and reinvent Guitar Hero. And so that’s what we’re doing with it now.”

Earlier this year Guitar Hero was discontinued by Activision for the remainder of 2011. At the time Kelly Summer, CEO of RedOctane said

“They tried to get too much out of the franchise too quickly. They abused it…There’s no reason why Guitar Hero cannot continue. It’s a great product.

My gut tells me there is still a significant market for Guitar Hero. Not every game can be a billion dollar franchise, but maybe that’s what Activision wants. I’d be surprised if they sold the brand as it’d prove to the world there is still a market for this product and show them up…”

Based on the Forbes interview it looks like Activision may be giving the franchise another go. I’m a huge Guitar Hero fan and would love to see the franchise come back stronger than ever. What do you think? Is Activision going to bring Guitar Hero back? Would you buy a new Guitar Hero game if it did?